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Hello from Goodwill Church Port Jervis!  We are dedicated to being a hub of faith, fellowship, and service in the Port Jervis community, where we can come together to worship and grow in faith. We'd love for you to join us to see what makes our Port Jervis branch an integral part of the larger Goodwill Church family. 


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Our Vacation Bible School in Port Jervis, SCUBA, will be held on July 24th-26th, 2024.  Registration for children opens in June!  For more information, click HERE


from Pastor José Rodriguez

Listening to God’s Voice


Numbers 22:20-38 tells the story of Balaam, a prophet who is initially forbidden by God to curse the Israelites but is later allowed to go with the messengers of Balak under the condition that he only speaks what God tells him. On his journey, Balaam encounters an angel of the Lord standing in his way, which only his donkey can see. The donkey's repeated attempts to avoid the angel lead to Balaam striking it three times until the Lord opens Balaam’s eyes to see the angel and realize the seriousness of his mission.

Devotional Reflection:
In this passage, we see an intricate interplay of disobedience, divine intervention, and revelation. Balaam's story reminds us of the importance of aligning our actions with God's will, and it challenges us to remain open to His guidance, even when it comes in unexpected ways.

Balaam's journey starts with clear instructions from God, yet his subsequent actions reveal a divided heart. Despite God's permission to go with Balak's messengers, Balaam's eagerness to fulfill his own desires clouds his judgment. This dichotomy between God's command and Balaam's intentions sets the stage for divine intervention.

The appearance of the angel and the donkey's behavior are profound reminders that God sees our paths and sometimes places obstacles to redirect us. How often in our lives do we persist in our ways, blind to the warnings and signs God places before us? Balaam's blindness, contrasted with the donkey's vision, highlights our need for humility and attentiveness to God’s subtle guidance.

When Balaam’s eyes are finally opened, he realizes the gravity of his mission and the importance of speaking only what God commands. This moment of revelation underscores a vital truth: our words and actions must be rooted in God’s direction, not in our ambitions or external pressures.

As we reflect on this passage, let us consider the areas in our lives where we might be resisting God's guidance. Are there "donkeys" in our path—unexpected sources of wisdom or hindrances meant to steer us back to God’s will? Are we willing to stop, listen, and adjust our course according to His direction?


Lord, help us to seek a heart of obedience and clarity. Open our eyes to Your signs and grant us the humility to heed them. May Balaam’s encounter with the angel remind us that God’s purpose prevails and our greatest calling is to align ourselves faithfully with His divine plan. Amen!

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