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Our goal is to Nourish, Renew and Serve.
What do we mean by that?

Renew our moms through speakers sharing the Gospel and Truth of our Lord and Savior.


Serve our moms by pouring into them, praying for them and being the Light of Christ which will then allow them to serve others and spread the Gospel too.

Want to get involved?  Simply join us!

Moms Together-Tots

Every First Thursday, 10AM
A group for moms with children ages 5 and under

Moms Together-Kids
Every Third Thursday, 6PM
A group for moms with children ages 6 and older

We are gearing up for our fall kick off!  Check out our calendar of events below:


Thursday September 21st from 6pm-8pm
Thursday October 5th from 10am-12pm


October 21st 10 am-12pm


November 2nd 10am-12pm

Goodwill Church, Montgomery


For more information, you can reach out to

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